Fun with a Skull…

Yesterday I spent some time just doodling, having fun. Using Charlie, my faithful plaster skull model, I sketched this out.


Something about him appealed to me. He just had that certain something, let’s say. In honor of my birthday, I decided to give him a hat.


This amused me. I made him into a soldier…


Then a cowboy. I did not intend for him to look that much like Yul Brynner in WestWorld, but hey, accidents happen, and they can be fun.


Finally, that paranoid look in his eyes starting making me think… so I turned him into a zombie farmer, who is always wary of aliens coming to take his zombie cows.


so that’s what I did yesterday. Hope this made you smile, I had a lot of laughs with these!



Still Not That Popular…

I thought it appropriate to re-blog last year’s rage comic, “Stamps in January”. I love making those stupid things, it just releases so much pressure to be precise! Anyway, you’ll be glad to know that THIS year, I had only three Christmas stamps left over to use on utility bills. Either I have more friends this year, or I bought fewer stamps. Does it really matter? Allow me my folly. 🙂


All words and art copyright Kathy Ferrell 2012-13.

Zazzle Dazzle…

I opened a store! If you’d like to see me behave as a shameless huckster, you have only to skip over to the address below!

Here are just two examples of my blatant attempt to cash in on the absurdity of humanity.


Attack With a Pointed Stick

Today this “Drawing a Day” thing I’m doing requires one to work with ink and various nibs. I discovered that my bottle of India ink is so old that it was clumpy and required stirring.

A trip to the kitchen revealed the perfect bamboo skewer, and I had soon whipped the ink into a usable form. I decided to simply draw with the pointed stick, to consciously free my often “tight” lines.

So here are three drawings of roses from my garden, done with a pointed stick. Enjoy them and the corresponding classic Python sketch.

The whole time I was drawing I kept hearing John Cleese in my head.

Playground Entrepreneur


“Tiny Floozy” aprox. 1 x 2″
Kathy Ferrell age 10

“Kathy, this is SICK! Sick, sick, SICK!!”

My fourth grade teacher was hovering over my desk, waving one of my drawings around. She was very, very upset. My drawings had once again proved a distraction to the class.

I wish I still had the drawing that had caused her so much distress. I do remember it quite clearly. I had drawn a woman in a yellow bathing suit, carefully coloring it in with those crappy colored pencils they provided to Appalachian children in whom no one had any hope for success. Nonetheless, I did my best.

You see, I had a business to run, and quality of product matters to me.

I had discovered I could get a quarter a piece from the boys in my class for my drawings of well-endowed girls . At the time the teacher was freaking out about my shameless exploitation of women, this budding feminist had $7.50 in her burgundy corduroys. Exploitation of women, indeed.

Quietly, I bore the storm. I would not rat out Robbie Perkins, the boy who had already paid for the drawing, and specified the yellow bathing suit. I had a crush on Robbie. I wasn’t blonde, tan and cute like you were supposed to be then. I resembled a bird skeleton, with long, dark hair and skin often referred to as “fishbelly white”. But Robbie liked my drawings, and while I was drawing, he lost interest in Adeline Blakely’s sparkly blue eyes. It drove her mad, and I loved that. I hope she developed a skill. 🙂

So I let Mrs. H get it all out of her system. I kept quiet. And kept at it. And it still pays.

I came across two tiny drawings from that period in my life, and I thought you’d get a kick out of the kind of “sickness” I was producing as a pre-adolescent. Thanks, Mrs. H. You sure straightened me out.


“Hulk” aprox. 2 x 3″
Kathy Ferrell age 9