Fun with a Skull…

Yesterday I spent some time just doodling, having fun. Using Charlie, my faithful plaster skull model, I sketched this out.


Something about him appealed to me. He just had that certain something, let’s say. In honor of my birthday, I decided to give him a hat.


This amused me. I made him into a soldier…


Then a cowboy. I did not intend for him to look that much like Yul Brynner in WestWorld, but hey, accidents happen, and they can be fun.


Finally, that paranoid look in his eyes starting making me think… so I turned him into a zombie farmer, who is always wary of aliens coming to take his zombie cows.


so that’s what I did yesterday. Hope this made you smile, I had a lot of laughs with these!



It Doesn’t Take Much to Keep Me Occupied…


“Rose Hips” 5×7″, Faber Castell Polychromos pencils on Stonehenge paper

In an effort to move swiftly away from yesterday’s post, here are two pieces I did in the last month or so. I had never used Polychromos pencils before, but since Dick Blick is my candy man, I couldn’t resist. I cannot recommend these wonderful pencils highly enough. Incredible to work with, and combined with the Stonehenge…something close to Paradise.

The rose hips were snipped from my climbing white rose. I’ve always been told that you can eat them, and they are an excellent vitamin C source, but I’ve always been afraid to try. The piece below is a branch my husband brought into the studio, after my request to bring in something “natural for me to draw”. I asked him from what tree it came, and he replied, “I dunno. One of the trees out there.” The “trees out there” in West Virginia amount to a lot of trees, if you’ll forgive the understatement. So…sorry I don’t know the species of this one.

Image“Withered Branch”, 5×7″, Polychromos pencil on Stonehenge paper

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