Fun with a Skull…

Yesterday I spent some time just doodling, having fun. Using Charlie, my faithful plaster skull model, I sketched this out.


Something about him appealed to me. He just had that certain something, let’s say. In honor of my birthday, I decided to give him a hat.


This amused me. I made him into a soldier…


Then a cowboy. I did not intend for him to look that much like Yul Brynner in WestWorld, but hey, accidents happen, and they can be fun.


Finally, that paranoid look in his eyes starting making me think… so I turned him into a zombie farmer, who is always wary of aliens coming to take his zombie cows.


so that’s what I did yesterday. Hope this made you smile, I had a lot of laughs with these!



Red Sonja takes form!

This is a WIP I’m creating with Corel Painter. I’m about halfway finished and I thought you guys might enjoy having a look!

WIP, Kathy Ferrell 2015

WIP, Kathy Ferrell 2015

Fantasy Art Genius Guide is Here!

Just wanted to make a quick announcement! Imagine Publishing’s ultra-cool book “Genius Guide to Fantasy Art” has flapped its leathery wings and made it across the pond! It is now available in the U.S. at your local bookstore, or you can get your copy online from several markets.

My tutorial “The Golden Rules of Comic Art” is on pages 134-137, and my line art is included on the accompanying disc. Get yours today, as they are burning up the shelves! 😉