Progress on Fantasy Cover

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 4.20.19 PM.png

Hi guys! Thought you might enjoy a progress pic of my cover for the fantasy novel I’m working on. When the cover is complete, she’ll be clothed. Right now I want to focus on light, and capturing the eerie glow. I am LOVING my Painter!

My horror collection received its first review, five stars! Take a look, if you want to be scared! 😉


Beginning “Darkmother”

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 5.19.21 PM.png

Hello, all! I wanted to share the very beginning, a loose sketch, (detail) for what I think will be the cover painting for this sword and sorcery book I’m working on. I have a co-writer by the way.

I plan to continue on with the oils in my new painter 17. I am finding it a breeze to use, and it’s fast! Therefore, inspiration! If I can ever find someone or something that can keep up with my brain…then you people will really see some art! Ha ha! Anyway, hope you like this, and that you have a good day! More soon! Buy meh book!

Red Sonja takes form!

This is a WIP I’m creating with Corel Painter. I’m about halfway finished and I thought you guys might enjoy having a look!

WIP, Kathy Ferrell 2015

WIP, Kathy Ferrell 2015


“Hippocamp” ©Kathy Ferrell 2014, graphite, aprox. 6×8″

It’s been far too long sing I’ve posted anything. Today I want to share with you my first drawing in my new Moleskine sketchbook. I hope you enjoy it. I learned a little something in the making. I thought that I was drawing a Selkie, but turns out I was wrong. A creature closer to my drawing would be a Hippocamp. I added the horn because it just seemed right somehow. With the sophistication of animation nowadays, it would be a real treat to see one of these in a movie, wouldn’t it? If you’re interested, here’s some bits about the mythology.

Burning History

Burning History

“Burning History” (detail) ©Kathy Ferrell 2013. From the latest thrill-packed issue of “Tales of the Talisman”, Vol. 9, issue 1. Click to see more!