Still Scaring People!

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Chock full of my personal brand of terror, each scrawled just for you!


Fun with a Skull…

Yesterday I spent some time just doodling, having fun. Using Charlie, my faithful plaster skull model, I sketched this out.


Something about him appealed to me. He just had that certain something, let’s say. In honor of my birthday, I decided to give him a hat.


This amused me. I made him into a soldier…


Then a cowboy. I did not intend for him to look that much like Yul Brynner in WestWorld, but hey, accidents happen, and they can be fun.


Finally, that paranoid look in his eyes starting making me think… so I turned him into a zombie farmer, who is always wary of aliens coming to take his zombie cows.


so that’s what I did yesterday. Hope this made you smile, I had a lot of laughs with these!


Things are Growing…

I filled out my first questionnaire for a blogger! I look forward to sharing that soon. My book is doing well, I hope you’ll give it a try! I’m about 20% done with a new horror collection. I’m aiming to release it in June. I look forward to seeing some reviews, they’re bound to start coming in soon. I hope. 🙂

Just a few more days until…

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 7.31.12 PM.png

So here is the cover I designed for my upcoming collection of horror stories. I’m putting the final touches on, and I’ll be releasing on Kindle probably within the week. So excited!

On My Desk today…

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 12.30.17 PM.pngHere is a little progress picture for you. Today I’m designing the cover for my own upcoming anthology. If I keep up this pace, I think the release will be around March 1, 2017. Hope you like what you see here! The title of the book is “One Past Midnight: 13 Terrors” by Kathy Ferrell. I’ll be releasing on Amazon Kindle, hope you will check it out!

“The Stereoscope” to appear in “Tales of Mystery, Suspense & Terror”!

Cover of this newest anthology

Cover of this newest anthology
















My short story “The Stereoscope” will soon appear in the upcoming anthology “Tales of Mystery, Suspense and Terror”. For my faithful readers, here is just a small, savory bit for you, to whet the appetite.

There were many of him in Africa, almost every photo displaying his skill as hunter. Elephants, wildebeest, all sorts of horned antelope, two spotted leopards and three massive lions. He sat leaning his back against one, laughing, both fists clutching hanks of its shaggy mane. He was looking right into the camera, showing his teeth and I thought he looked like a madman.

I think you will enjoy my latest dark tale, and I want you to share with me what you think. I love hearing from you! The book comes out in October, so hurry over to Chuffed Buff Books to reserve your copy now! I’m so pleased to be included  in such a twisted nest of horror. But then, I do feel so at home.

Until we speak again, my dears. Bon nuit!