“Hippocamp” ©Kathy Ferrell 2014, graphite, aprox. 6×8″

It’s been far too long sing I’ve posted anything. Today I want to share with you my first drawing in my new Moleskine sketchbook. I hope you enjoy it. I learned a little something in the making. I thought that I was drawing a Selkie, but turns out I was wrong. A creature closer to my drawing would be a Hippocamp. I added the horn because it just seemed right somehow. With the sophistication of animation nowadays, it would be a real treat to see one of these in a movie, wouldn’t it? If you’re interested, here’s some bits about the mythology.



2 comments on “Hippocampicorn?

  1. bighair63 says:

    Nice work! I’m just coming to the end of my moleskin sketchbook. Can’t wait to start a new one. You can’t beat the first, crisp page of a new sketchbook!

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