Chantal Noir, Steampunk Adventuress


"The Coppergate Killings" ©KathyFerrell

Here’s another recent work for Tales of the Talisman. “The Coppergate Killings” illustrates Christine Morgan’s fantastic story by the same title. Appearing in issue 4, Volume 8, I think Chantal Noir is a superb heroine, and hope to read more of her steampunk adventures! I had a ton of fun with this, and would have loved to create it in color! I put on a frilly nightgown and used myself as the model to capture the pose, sketched it out in pencil and completed in Corel Painter.


4 comments on “Chantal Noir, Steampunk Adventuress

  1. Marie Marfia says:

    love those striped stockings!

    Marie Marfia Dancing Mac Graphics 904-566-4473


  2. I thought your artwork perfectly captured the character of Chantal Noir, which I just read for the 1st time yesterday. I hope Christine Morgan writes further tales of her and her partners in Crime solving.

    • Thank you so much, Michael. I really enjoyed the story myself. I’d love to do more illustrations for her wonderful work!

      • I’d love to see you work together again, too! In fact, I’d like to see you illustrating many Fantasy covers. i’m so underwhelmed by the text-book looking art on Fantasy covers these days. And even worse, the horrible photograph looking models (de)gracing hundreds of new releases within the last decade. I’ve said it before many times on Goodreads: “support the books with the best covers. If you don’t, publishers will continue to take a shortcut and skip the art department.” ~ And further, paste one of those typical, generic-looking silhoutted covers I’m really starting to abhor (…except in rare instances, I must admit). I sign hundreds of petitions a month and jokingly think I should start a new petition: “BRING BACK THE REAL ARTISTS FOR FANTASY, HORROR, STEAMPUNK, AND SCIENCE FICTION COVERS!!!!!” o__O’

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