Another 100 Horrors


Hello, strangers!

Oh, it’s been forever, I know, but I’ve been writing and making art, so I hope I’ll be forgiven. Since last we met, I’ve had some art and stories published, so I’m going to try to catch up by saying a little bit about each individually, one post at a time.

Let’s start with “The Boarder”. It’s a tight piece of flash fiction that is included in the anthology “Another 100 Horrors”, by Cruentus Libri Press. My story tells of a man who only wanted to find some solitude, but unleashed horror in an isolated cabin. I hope you’ll give it a try, and with 99 other great tales of terror included, there’s a lot to keep you up at night!


2 comments on “Another 100 Horrors

  1. This sounds great! I’ve always wanted to precise my short stories into something a little more flash: 100 words. Right, off to order a copy…
    Regards, Paul

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