Art Contest Winners!

Lilly J., Winner in Youngest Age Group

Lilly J., Winner in Youngest Age Group

Hey there, faithful Art Fans! Before January days run out, I want to share with you a post about my latest art contest.

In December, I purchased some age-appropriate art supplies from Dick Blick, and printed up some of my black & white line art. Made up a little flyer, the whole bit.

Diana D., Middle Age Group Winner

Diana D., Middle Age Group Winner


















The wonderful staff at the Guyandotte Public Library were kind enough to help me yet again, by handing out the coloring sheets and encouraging all of the young patrons to enter.

Naturally, I had a hard time choosing the best ones, out of so many truly wonderful entries. There is so much creative talent in the young people in my little corner of West Virginia!

Austin W., Winner of Oldest Age Group

Austin W., Winner of Oldest Age Group

I did finally narrow it down, though, and I’d like to share with you the pictures of the winners, each holding their winning picture! The gift bags in the photos contain the prizes. They won assortments of markers, art paper, watercolors, brushes, colored pencils and the like. I know each one will put the materials to good use and create many beautiful things! I hope they will bring in a picture now and then to the library so we can enjoy their latest creations!

Thanks especially to Priscilla Marten, for providing these photos, and staff Katie, Robert and Joe  for all the help!

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to ALL the young artists who took part!

I’m going to try to have another contest in the spring! 🙂

words copyright Kathy Ferrell 2013, photos copyright Priscilla Marten 2013


4 comments on “Art Contest Winners!

  1. Susan Bahr says:

    this is too sweet and wonderful! What a great idea! Just think how you’ll inspire these kids as they grow. Thanks for sharing – I loved this post!

  2. metadreamer says:

    How did you choose the winners? That must have been hard 🙂 What a lovely thing to do. Local libraries do so much for the children; they are at risk of closure all over the UK, it is so sad. Well done for bringing these smiles to the children.

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