In which our Heroine meets the Green Fairy…

Absinthe Bourgeois advertisement circa 1900

Absinthe Bourgeois advertisement circa 1900



















A publisher has put out a call for an upcoming collection under the theme “Absinthe”. Having read so much about other artists making frequent use of this liqueur at the turn of the century, I decided it was high time I experienced it for myself.

Believe it or not, absinthe can be obtained in the mountain state, though there was some confusion at the check out counter. Barring the occasional glass of Pinot Noir in the evenings, I am not much of a drinker, so rather than trying to navigate a large liquor store, I went straight to the register, and asked if they carried this mysterious beverage.When the clerk responded by asking “wine or liquor?” I  was taken aback. I had only ever heard of the liquor and had no idea that there could be such a thing as wormwood wine. “There’s a wine?” I blurted stupidly, and then stood there looking absurd in my puffy purple coat for a very long moment. Finally, a man waiting behind me took pity, and straightened out the confusion.

Another clerk led me, face aflame, to the shelf of boxed “gift sets” where I quickly selected something pretty that had a picture of Vincent van Gogh on it, and slunk back to the register. To make my humiliation complete, before I could pay, my husband came into the store looking for me, wondering why it was taking so long. Is there anything quite so embarrassing as being fetched from a liquor store by your spouse? If there is, I don’t want to know.

Getting it home, I found that the set contained a large, imposing looking bottle, a nice glass with a lozenge-shaped reservoir at the base (for the absinthe, I learned), and a very lovely little engraved filigree spoon, for holding sugar cubes. The only thing missing were tiny tongs and a second glass. It seems these makers of absinthe simply assume that artists will be drinking alone. One wonders where they get these ideas.

I have two weeks to experience this and come up with a poem, but it may take me a while to get over my embarrassment. I hope the world appreciates what I do for art. My apologies for the poor layout of this post. WordPress seems designed to frustrate me. Until later!

Words in this post copyright Kathy Ferrell 2013.


6 comments on “In which our Heroine meets the Green Fairy…

  1. Huw Thomas says:

    Maybe I’m naive/innocent (dumb) too but you didn’t answer the question – what is absinthe?
    And more importantly, what was it like to drink? Any green fairies?

  2. Susan Bahr says:

    Oh boy, are your sure you want to go down this road? 55%! Wha-what? I had thought there was something dangerous about this stuff – other than the alcohol content- have you heard the stories? Maybe google this stuff before continuing my friend.
    And sorry, but I did laugh at your embarrassment… too funny.

  3. Marie Marfia says:

    My husband likes to do all that pouring through the sugar cube semi-ritualistic stuff. But he’s a chemist, so no surprise. Me, I’m a gimme a bottle of beer, hold the frosty mug drinker. It’ll be interesting to see how or if you like it. Points for actually staying in the store long enough to buy it after your husband came in.

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