Fantasy Art Genius Guide is Here!

Just wanted to make a quick announcement! Imagine Publishing’s ultra-cool book “Genius Guide to Fantasy Art” has flapped its leathery wings and made it across the pond! It is now available in the U.S. at your local bookstore, or you can get your copy online from several markets.

My tutorial “The Golden Rules of Comic Art” is on pages 134-137, and my line art is included on the accompanying disc. Get yours today, as they are burning up the shelves! 😉


5 comments on “Fantasy Art Genius Guide is Here!

  1. paul martin. says:

    i just got fantasy art and was surprised to see another farrells work (im a farrell on my mums side), our part of the clan are from kildare ,( hey,ad another L in there and yad hava great name fer a fantasy character, jus never make the character a doctor!,) there must be something about this genure, cos my cousin tony lorenz in tampa is also mad for ,sword & sorcery-stuff, (yea, hes another farrell on his mums side, anyway, im just saying hi, luvyastuff, paul.

  2. susanbahr says:

    Kathy – did you get “followed” recently by the Independant Association of Business? If you go to their site and scroll down, they’ve highlighted your blog! congrats although I’m still try to figure out why a business blog would follow letters to rosa! And if you missed my comment, I posted on your home page that I’ve nominated your lovely blog for an award. The link is there, if your interested. I wish you the best- Sue

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