First Portfolio Challenge Piece Complete!


Here’s my first completed piece for my Portfolio Challenge!

Of course, you can see I decided to change the sky. This was created using Corel Painter’s oils, chalks and the “Fairy Dust” tool. The “Fairy Dust” is probably WAY too much fun to play with. I can think of a million things to do with it!

I hope everyone else is having fun with their pieces! I revoke my original suggestion of one week per piece. I think two weeks is more reasonable, don’t you?

I’ve got two projects that I have to focus on for the next couple weeks that I won’t be able to share until publication…WHY does that take so long?! But I’ll be sure to post my “One Drawing a Day” work, and also, I’ll be starting that Life Drawing class in just five days, so I’m excited about that. I’ve got a new tablet and one of those little Artbin totes all ready to go! I’ll post pics as I complete things!

More soon, and to my American friends, have a great Holiday weekend!!



4 comments on “First Portfolio Challenge Piece Complete!

  1. Sophy says:

    Fantastic job! I love how it feels magical and glowing.

  2. Absolutely beautiful in so many ways!

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