The Nymph Tree Begins…

“Nymph Tree” (Incomplete) ©Kathy Ferrell 2012, Corel Painter

I admit I only started the first piece for my Portfolio Challenge! today. But the important thing is that I DID start, and I’m sharing now!

I’ve gotten a great reception for this idea, and I’m really enjoying see what other artists are creating! Please keep sharing!

For my own first piece, I’ve chosen #4, “Scary Tree”. How did it begin? Well, I was sketching around, listening to music today, and Heart’s “Crazy on You” began playing. There’s the line that always struck me as particularly weird…”I was a willow last night in a dream…” and that got me to thinking about wood nymphs and well…there you go. 🙂

I am very likely going to add leaves, possibly flowers. I envision a rather lurid color palette…think the Warren covers of the 1970’s. So it begins!

Sommeil legerement, mes innocentes! 😉


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