“Sweet Otto” ©Kathy Ferrell 2011, Corel Painter






































Because Alan Baggs asked for more “Otto” art, I’ll share with you a piece I created for last year. We adopted Otto from a shelter last July. He literally leaped into my arms when the girl opened the cage, and what with the purring and the nuzzling…well, what was I supposed to do? Look at him! Sort of a sweet, slightly goofy expression…

I’ve always had a particular soft spot for black cats and dogs. Statistics show that they are abused, abandoned and neglected at a much higher rate than other pets. The cats are particularly susceptible to suffering, what with the incredibly ignorant, superstitious nonsense that still prevails in the 21st Century. Otto is strictly an indoor cat.

Turns out he was a seriously sick boy that day, with a severe respiratory infection that our vet discovered on that first visit. It took a lot of medicine droppers and several weeks worth of touch and go, but I’ll never regret it. He’s the picture of health and a wonderful, loving part of our family. 🙂 Here he is today, and I think his regal looks make him look like art on an Egyptian tomb…

“Otto All Grown Up” ©Kathy Ferrell 2012

2 comments on “Otto-Palooza!

  1. crb46 says:

    sweet kitty! I commend you for rescuing this little guy!;-)

  2. Alan Baggs says:

    I feel a black cat picture exchange coming on….

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