Drawing Detour…




“Otto” ©Kathy Ferrell 2012


I set up my materials and sat down to do my “One Drawing a Day” exercise, but I had barely begun when Otto decided it was “Love the Cat” day. Rubbing my legs, jumping on the work table, being extremely affectionate and charming. After giving him a lot of attention I thought I’d give him a saucer of cream so that I might work for a while. The second I rose from the chair, he immediately took my place in the seat and gave me “The Face”. It was my chair in the window he was after, and he was not above using all of his charms to achieve his goal.

  So I took a little “Drawing Detour” and used him for my model. He sat long enough for me to make these two drawings, and then he rose and I gave him the saucer of Cat Nirvana, and returned to my original goal. The final drawing in this post is the “Official” DAD exercise, but I’m pretty happy to have the other two as well!

“Otto on Chair” ©Kathy Ferrell, graphite on paper.


Exercise 6, One Drawing a Day ©Kathy Ferrell 2012








6 comments on “Drawing Detour…

  1. tricornhat says:

    I love that first study! What a nice line and shading.

  2. Alan Baggs says:

    I love the composition in the (garden?) landscape, the way the perspective is flattened into a balanced pattern. I too have black cats, brother and sister, with different personalities, but they both give me “Tthe Look” . More please…

  3. Oh boy, am I familiar with “the face”. At least Otto stayed still enough for some sketching-nice!

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