Grey Gardens…


“Big & Little Edie” ©Kathy Ferrell 2012, Conté pencil on paper



Here is yesterday’s “One Drawing a Day” sketch. I was watching the Maysles’ documentary “Grey Gardens” and sketched the two subjects as I watched. “Big Edie” (left), I believe to be a better likeness than “Little Edie” on the right. Heaven knows if you’ve seen the film, Little Edie doesn’t stand still for a MOMENT.

It’s the second time I’ve seen the film, and as I watched, a belief I’ve long held was only further cemented. When you are very wealthy, you can behave as you like and the world calls it “eccentric” at worst.

Strange actions in the middle-class are labelled “odd”, until one does something to actually harm others, then society separates into two groups, representatives of which are interviewed on the news…those that defend the offender as “A nice, quiet person. Kept to themselves. It just wasn’t their nature to do this”, and the other group, usually much smaller. That group will say things like, “I tried to tell people. I called police, no one would listen. Why, I remember that one time when-“.

Finally, if you’re poor and behave as these ladies did…well, there seem to be no holds barred for what society labels them. I’m always interested in the way a supposedly advanced society relates to one another. It never ceases to amuse and fascinate me.

If you’d like to learn more about the film, here’s a link. I also highly recommend another Maysle Brothers film, entitled “Salesman”. It’s great, too!

I’m off to my own kind of Grey Gardens, to clean my Mom’s apartment out. Sigh. More soon.


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