Self Portrait ©Kathy Ferrell 2012 Corel Painter 12


Yesterday’s One Drawing a Day exercise. I didn’t get to it until late. I was supposed to draw a handy person around me. Usually the only live model I have available is my husband and I just didn’t feel like drawing yet another picture of the side of his head while he watches television. He is a terrible, terrible model. 😉

Also, I did not have an actual bamboo pen, and since I had already used the pointed stick (recent post), I decided to do one using the bamboo pen option in Corel Painter. I used a photo of myself as a reference. This is the third try of four I did. I like it best because the others were much tighter. I am trying hard to loosen up a little.

I have the enormous chore of emptying out my mother’s apartment looming before me. I should have done it yesterday, I should have done it today…for sure tomorrow, so I may not post for a couple of days. I have signed up to take a life drawing class at our local museum. It starts in a couple of weeks and my goal is to have all my “family” business squared away completely by that time. I’ve mailed the check for the class, so NO BACKING OUT!! My little baby bird has grown up and left the nest for college, my mother is well taken care of, and frankly I am ready to start looking at myself for a change.

So that’s why the class. Kind of a reward for making it through this awful, awful summer without hopping a box car. I came close, believe me. I was gonna go all Thomas Hart Benton on everyone, but then I looked at my greying temples and arthritis medicine and laughed. I told my husband that it’s time for us to start traveling. It’s what folks our age do, apparently. So if I sharpen my drawing skills, I can take a sketch book and work en plein air, hopefully with some success.

Til next time…:)


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