Bats! Always With the Bats!!

Hello, again, my minions! Thought you might enjoy seeing what’s been on the drawing board lately here at Cup O Swank Studio!  I’ve been reading Stoker’s “Dracula” and it’s inspired me to create two versions of one idea. Above you see the initial phase of a watercolor painting. The smaller version on the left is a print out of the idea sketch that I created with Corel Painter 12, and from that I graphed the drawing onto a big sheet of heavyweight Arches. Dig the ceramic butcher’s tray I snagged at a yard sale for a QUARTER!! Best wash palette ever!! 🙂

ImageAbove is a close-up of our evening visitor. Your humble illustrator (for reasons that shall remain clouded in mystery), has had many, many live-action bat encounters, and I find them utterly terrifying. They find me irresistible, apparently. Certain cultures believe that when an animal just keeps showing up inexplicably in your life that you have some lesson to learn from that animal. I have lessons to learn from bats, crows and Great Blue Herons. The birds are cool, I can deal with the birds, I enjoy the birds. The bats? Not so much.

ImageAbove you can get an idea of where the whole piece is headed. I have mentioned before how much I love  that particular shade of green-gold on the drapes. Of course, it will be considerably toned down as I work. Just like in real life, I usually start with bright expectations and then my viewpoint just grows darker and darker. Not to say that this is dissatisfactory. Ahem. Onward.

ImageFinally, above is a detail of the inked version I am doing. It’s very close to being complete, and what you see is enlarged. This will almost assuredly be the very last illustration I ever do using my pointillist style. My eyes and hands are not what they once were. The style has served me well, and seen publication in a lot of very cool horror magazines. I feel it was this unusual technique that helped me originally get noticed, so I do have a soft spot for this style. We learn as children to repeat what originally got us on the refrigerator.

I’ve got what I think is an awesome idea for this ink piece when it’s complete. I’m thinking about raffling off a framed print to benefit my local library. Have a raffle during October, in honor of Bram Stoker. Maybe inspire some of the fans of lighter vampire fiction to …dig a little deeper, shall we say? 😉

What think you, my faithful? I love your feedback!!


4 comments on “Bats! Always With the Bats!!

  1. Nice artwork.
    But why are bats portrayed as something to be feared? They are our helpful friends and not a threat to us (unless you are a mosquito)

    • Thanks! Indeed they ARE helpful. But for some bizarre reason, they ADORE me. They want to be very close to me. Often. Since childhood. Art is the safest way to face a fear, and turn it into something useful for the creator.

  2. Alan Baggs says:

    I love this. Beautiful colours, too.

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