“Haunted Forest” (detail) ©Kathy Ferrell 2012
Digital Artist 31, tutorial “The Golden Rules of Comic Art”

It’s been a while, Artfans. Far too long, actually. Above is just a sample of what I was working on around the time we last had one of our little chats. I hope you’ll view the full size work by checking out my portfolio. Hopefully, the link below will take you right to it.

During my “blog-break”, I’ve actually enjoyed a lot of success career-wise. I must plug on, as you people just keep encouraging me. 🙂

The above piece is from a tutorial I was privileged to write and illustrate for Digital Artist magazine. If you picked up issue 31 this spring, there I am with a four page spread. (Why does that sound like some sort of gambling jargon?)

DA editor April Madden wrote the comic script. My Barbarian Beauty above is shouting “SHOW YOURSELVES, DEMONS!!”

At the time I was typing those words into her speech balloon, your faithful artist was unaware of what sort of demons were about to show themselves in her “real world”. Show themselves, they did.

My Mom, early 60’s.

I consider myself a lady with Southern manners, and have always done my best to “cry prettily” with a hankie in hand. Or at least that’s the illusion I try to maintain. These past few months have produced some highly uncharacteristic heaving and wailing. Fear not, Dear Reader, I kept it behind closed doors. I don’t fall apart. I leave that to others.

My mother did not go gently into Alzheimer’s in the way that it is often depicted in sugary movies. She went to it as she had always went into every endeavor in life. Making a big entrance. Loaded for bear and rarin’ to fight.

Always an incredibly complex, intelligent and talented woman, she has emerged from this chrysalis as a new being. I have been completely horrified and I feel as if I’ve been run over by a train. Mom, on the other hand, thank God, feels great. The staff at the hospital have done amazing things for her, and she’ll soon be in a safe, comfortable, cheerful place, close to her family. For all that, I’m immensely grateful. So the emergency part of this story is over.

The next chapter is unknown territory for me, as I have never dealt with this in my life. It is a crushing, sickening, scary feeling and I hate it. If children only knew how many adults are taking care of the grown-up business while feeling so helpless.

Until next time. K.


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