Yes, Virginia Egnor, there is a Santa Claus!

"Dagmar" (in progress) ©Kathy Ferrell 2011, 8x10", acrylic on board

I wanted to take a little time this afternoon and share with you my progress on my painting of “Dagmar” for the W.V. Division of Culture’s Historic Figures Exhibit. See the previous post for more information about my subject! I had a little trouble getting past the background. It really looked pretty muddy there for a while, but I pressed on, and now I like it. Those initial painting stages can be a horrifying experience sometimes. “Oh, God, why is it so YELLOW???!!”, that sort of thing.

My fans ask me, nay, beg me for more pics of works as they progress, so in the interest of magnanimous Christmas cheer, I give you this report on how the sausage gets made here at Cup O Swank. My art is quite similar to sausage, really. I aim for good taste in the finished product, but things usually look pretty tacky midway. Enjoy!

In the transfer step, I smudged it badly with my big Irish mitts. More work for me!

I used Corel Painter to loosely work out my color scheme. A real time-saver!

The first step in painting is to outline darks, to seal the carbon & keep it from disappearing into the paint!

Here's the part where I was utterly horrified. Husband listened to me rant for an hour, I had cocoa and pressed on. You can see my awful fingerprints. 😦

At this half-way point, I'm ready for a break!




























Until next time! More soon!


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3 comments on “Yes, Virginia Egnor, there is a Santa Claus!

  1. kerryl29 says:

    Fascinating process, Kathy. This isn’t at all how I envisioned it. Thanks for the in-progress blow-by-blow report.

  2. Life as Mia says:

    God…. This is beautiful!

    I wish I could make something this good, I am not too good at drawing or sketching.
    Your definetly getting a like and a follow on this one, really amazing work!

    Love the shading on the close-up pic you took, its hard to get shadings correct, love this detail!

    Mia from Denmark!

    • Wow, Mia, thank you for the kind words! I’m flattered! I checked out your blog…cute new haircut! (I like frequent changes with my hair as well!) Again, thanks for such kindness! I’m glad you like my work! 🙂

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