“Artistree” in West Virginia…


Last week I mailed my ornament for the inaugural year of “Artistree”, to be displayed at the mansion of W.V. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and First Lady Joanne Jaeger Tomblin.

"Mountain Madonna" Kathy Ferrell. The finished ornament I mailed out last week.




























I was very pleased to be invited to participate, and I’m really looking forward to seeing all the work from other West Virginia artists. I think it will be a beautiful tree. I thought my readers might enjoy seeing some “in progress” photos as well, so that you might get a sense of my process…

Here is the initial sketch, created with Corel Painter 12.

Here I've begun with acrylic, adding the deepest colors to the flesh first. I find this keeps things from looking garish later.

About 75% finished. You can see how those darks have softened with the lighter flesh tones overpainted.






































I’ve titled this piece “Mountain Madonna”. I was going to make a sculpture with a similar design, and once I got about halfway through, I realized that the clay would not dry in time to allow for painting, so I switched to my more comfortable paintbrushes. In case you’d like to see the incomplete sculpture, here it is in progress…

"Mountain Madonna" (in progress) Kathy Ferrell 2011 La Doll & Premiere clays, aprox. 7" circ.

For my distantly located fans, the cardinal is the state bird of West Virginia, and that’s why I chose it to rest in her hands. I was in the hospital recently and I noticed the gift shop windows were full of cardinal themed glassware and ornaments. It made me feel better and encouraged me to get back to work. 

I’m still going to finish the sculpture, because I’m enjoying it so much. It’s being made with La Doll clay, a new medium for me and it is a real joy to work with. It’s the first time I’ve used the product, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about it from me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I haven’t got my little Christmas tree up yet, but maybe tomorrow. More soon!




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