Over the Moon…At Last!

I hope you’ll click on the images and take a look at the soft, sweet things available for little ones at my Zazzle.com store. I’d appreciate if you could share, if you like these things! Thanks for looking, and for helping a working artist maybe make some Christmas money!🙂


“Over the Moon” copyright Kathy Ferrell 2015. Click to see adorable items I’ve designed for babies and children at my Zazzle.com store!

“Owl and Pussycat” © Kathy Ferrell, Click this link for baby blanket version!

“Once They Were Men…”

This is my latest painting, titled “Once They Were Men…”. This is my version of the witch Circe, from the Greek myths. I need to hurry and get it framed, so I can enter it into an exhibit. Hope you like it, I’m always happy to see your thoughts! Thanks for looking!

"Once They Were Men" (detail) ©Kathy Ferrell 2015 "Once They Were Men" ©Kathy Ferrell 2015

Illustrating Nursery Rhymes…

"Owl and Pussycat" © Kathy Ferrell

“Owl and Pussycat” © Kathy Ferrell

Hello, Art Fans! I’ve been thinking of all of you while I’ve been working this week! My town’s largest museum is having an open call for paintings, with a deadline at the end of this month, so I’ve been working hard, I promise!

Today I thought I’d share with you a recent Corel Painter project. If you’ve been reading much of my blog, you know that Painter is one of my favorite ways to work. I chose it for these pictures because I know I can match the colors perfectly between pieces, scoot things around for the best composition, and get a wonderful chalk pastel effect without any mess at all. I have a beautiful collection of real pastels in a fancy cabinet, and I have yet to try them. I think I’ll have the confidence, soon!

This is a set that I am creating, illustrating some of my favorite childhood nursery rhymes. I still know Lear’s “The Owl and the Pussycat” by heart. I have a lovely collection of old nursery rhyme books. I love poems and rhymes and I’ve found they are a natural ice-breaker with children. It’s a shame that sharing these old rhymes is dying away. All it takes is one generation of parents who don’t bother reading to their children to break a worthy ancient thread.

"Hey, Diddle Diddle" (detail, WIP) © Kathy Ferrell

“Hey, Diddle Diddle” (detail, WIP) © Kathy Ferrell

So these will be from my favorites. The second one is a WIP, “The Cat and the Fiddle”. When it is finished, print sets will be soon available. Next I hope to do “Wynken, Blinken and Nod”, and then perhaps “The Land of Counterpane”.

I hope you enjoy this quick peek into my studio. Do you have a favorite nursery rhyme? Do you have the good fortune to be sharing it with a little person in your life? I’d love to hear about it. I look forward to our next visit!

"Hey, Diddle Diddle" WIP, © Kathy Ferrell

“Hey, Diddle Diddle” WIP, © Kathy Ferrell